Outsource your Database, Software and Website Design and Development to a company with 27 years experience.

Hourly Rate in Pounds Sterling. $ and Euro estimated at current exchange rate.

Prices include VAT (Sales Tax) at 20% for UK and Europe. US$ customers outside Europe do not pay VAT.

Hourly Rate

£25 with VAT

$34.5 No VAT

€23.4 with VAT

Bitcoin 0.003

Daily Rate

£200 with VAT

$276 No VAT

€234 with VAT

Bitcoin 0.024

Software Development Consultancy

Business Analysis, Computer and Project Management.We provide Custom, Bespoke Software solutions.

Software Design

We design Desktop, Client / Server and Website Applications.We program in all of the popular modern computer languages.

Website Design

Hosting and eCommerce Solutions.Professional Database Driven websites.Hosting your website with us will give you cheaper access to our Website, Database and Software Developers.

Database Design

We Design, Administer and Manage databases for the Office and Websites.

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